A full moon tonight so I headed up the hill from here with tripod and a fold chair and watched the moon rise.  I almost didn't want to take a snap of it as it was so pretty.  Anyhow, it is a little hazy - maybe from smoke.
There were people in boats and on jet skis in the foreground below me - most of them have been there all day.

A couple of extras for you:
1. Scarlett the mermaid in the $23 paddling pool MrD bought for the kids.  Don't you think she looks mermaid like.
2. Inside St George's Cathedral in Perth last night for the concert by the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne.  Music was exquisite - a little collcha culture for me.  Cathedral consecrated in 1888. 

I'm sorry I haven't caught up with you all today, slackness that's all it is - I'll catch you tomorrow.  Thank you for your lovely comments and gifts for the Pink Flowering Gum yesterday.

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