Flytipping ............. GRHHHH!!!

I was ahead of myself this morning .. decided while having my first caffeine fix of the day that the stereo unit & speakers currently sitting on top of the book case could, with a bit of jiggling around go on one of the shelves. Both bookcases emptied, shelves moved, hammered the spacers thingies while holding a magazine on them to muffle the sound. (Did'nt want to disturb hubby, who was still in bed) Thoughtful or what!! All before 9am. My suggestion was well received by hubby later, which meant I needed to empty the bookcase to make a hole in the back for the leads to go through. The stereo system in place. Job done ..... tick! We're not that hot on electrical jobs or D.I.Y, not without a disagreement anyway. I can imagine whoever bought this tumble drier was equally discombobulated as they thought propelling it down the bank would tumble their laundry dry. Even I know this model gets plugged into the electric supply.
This actually makes me wild, the fact that whoever dumped it here could have so easily taken it to the recycle centre.

Do you rip recipes out of magazines/newspapers etc. I do, to often, I've got loads, loads more than I'll ever use, BUT having said that I gave the chicken thighs & veggie bake a tasty makeover with part of a saved recipe that I came across this morning. I blended fresh bread( Warburton's seeded batch), 2 garlic cloves, ginger root, cashew nuts, Turkish herb/spice mix, (bought in the market in Marmaris last year), Szczypta smaku (Polish all purpose seasoning) & fresh coriander leaf together. Then tossed the veggies & chicken thighs with it, before baking. It made a great dinner. A relief as I made more coating than I needed, so it's bagged up and frozen.

Got more brownie points today. Did a search for car insurance. :- )
Sent off the gas & electric readings. Transferred all my dogsitting dates into hubby's diary, that took a little while. Framed a card I bought back at the RSPB visitor centre at Shapwick. I loved the artists work, but quite large pieces. The greetings card fitted perfectly in a frame from under the recently  tweaked divan base. I inked and printed my daisy linocut while dinner was cooking.

Thank you to everyone who generously gave me hearts & stars yesterday for my birthday blip ... Can't believe it's been a year. How times flies when you're having fun. I'm looking forward to hopefully meeting up with fellow blippers this coming year, & will also try and concentrate on making better images, and less waffling. I can but try.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

Right then, off to bed. I've just started a new book - The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown. Author - Vassem Khan. 

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