Approaching thirty years since first persuaded to do the Highland Cross. Walked the foot section that year, 1990. The other three times I was persuaded, I chose to run that part, which saved a good couple of hours over those twenty miles.

When including the second stage, a twenty-seven mile cycle, 1995 was my fastest overall time, at four hours, nineteen minutes, and forty seconds. That was twenty seconds faster than the best time I'd reckoned I could do it in. 1998 was a bit of a disaster, after eating too much and then suffering in the heat, but still under five hours. Thoroughly dispirited at the end of the run, I was greatly cheered up on the cycle part, by overtaking seemingly vast numbers of others... at an embarrassingly rapid rate too. Those new tyres definitely made a difference. 2003 and I hadn't done enough running training, but did okay, being a few minutes under four and a half hours.

More stuff from the loft needing dealt with. Part of the 'Muttley' collection.

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