Life is like a river

By Gunnlaug

Home over the weekend

Feels nice to potter around the house on a Saturday, cleaning, tidying, doing laundry and recycling and such.  Around noon we had a visit from a handyman in our building because of a repair job in our bathroom.

I also spent a few hours working on backblip-photos for last year and suddenly hit a milestone Blip with this one from March 31st 2019.  It was a pleasant surprise :)

We read a lot, especially my husband, and this is a common sight in our household.  I remembered a similar photo from our old home not so long ago and when I looked it up I was again surprised to see 
a) it was also from January 
b) it has been 5 whole years since I posted the photo! 

Time really does fly and that's why I think it's important and fun to keep a journal. 

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