By norfolkdoc

Winter aconite

Just a few coming into flower under the hedge.  Looking good.

Expected to be getting my plaster cast off tomorrow - at my last appointment, the registrar had said come back on 14th (that's just over 6 weeks from when the plaster was first applied, and that's the normal recovery time for a wrist fracture), but when I tried to make the appointment they said they would have to send it.  Got home from holiday this afternoon, to find no letter, so rang them, and was told it couldn't be tomorrow (for administrative reasons), and instead my appointment was for next week.  I've been counting down the days, I'm now pretty fed up of the restriction (and it's getting pretty smelly in there!), and so am now frustrated that I have to put up with it for another week!

I've back blipped for yesterday.

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