By KatesGardenPDX

More Fun with the new iPhone

I'm getting used to the haptics on my new iPhone. There isn't a "home" button which was very odd in the beginning. And it uses facial recognition as a security measure, although you can still put in a numerical code if you happen to be wearing a mask or not looking at the phone! And there's a lot of gentle swiping to open and close things that I'm not used to. But it's sleek and has great color and I'm enjoying playing with the camera and lenses.

Today I'm fighting my darling grandson's cold...I'm determined to win, although I have a heck of a sore throat darn it! Tea, Vitamin C, Zinc, every Chinese remedy I can think of. I don't feel badly at all actually, and even made myself a lovely pot of chicken soup. So fingers crossed a good night's sleep will fend it off entirely.

Meanwhile, the forecasters have warned us about snow for at least a week, and that threat seems to be disappearing (as usual), but it's always great sport to talk about such things. But it is cold, rainy and just miserable outside. 

Today's blip is of a lovely Oregon native sedum - Sedum oreganum - that has these lovely red colors in the winter, while being quite blue in the summer. 

Hope you're all having a lovely start to your week!

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