By Beckett


.... thanks to another "Bird Watcher" down at the dam this morning.

I was busy getting this White faced Heron and a voice says... "hi you having fun"!
Turned around, and he says obviously liking bird shots, if your interested there is a Latham's Snipe on the other bank! Well, my mind says "what's a Latham's Snipe"?

Anyways , as we walked back over to the other side of the dam, he explains they are really hard to pickup and he is sure right there, and explained where roughly it was. Of course with the "Big Gun" I was able to pick it up okay, BUT as he mentioned really hard to see, particularly to the eye from about 50 metres away across the dam.

The info in Birds in Backyards is interesting, and other info indicates whilst fairly common because they are rarely seen, not a lot have experienced.

Well, we have one now, and appreciate being alerted to it.

Also had a White Egret feeding just near it as well.

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE

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