By Ronniebofa

Come on Police Scotland: do your job!!

Just paid a visit to see my favourite ladies at Egglicious to pick up a tray of 30 pullets’ eggs (£2:80). It was a cold, wet and overcast afternoon and only a few were tempted outside their huts.
I was shocked to find out that Police Scotland had not yet been up to pay a visit to investigate the theft from their Honesty Box shop last week. At 7:00 almost a week ago a brazen individual drove up, went into the shop, pocketed the day’s takings, went out shutting the door behind them and drove off. My ladies’ owners have cctv fitted inside and outside the shop and they posted footage of the robber and his car on Facebook as well as informing the police. Many have identified the perpetrator, including his “nearest and dearest” who asked for the footage to be removed because of abusive phone calls they had been receiving. As yet Police Scotland have apparently taken no action regarding the robbery and have not been in contact with Egglicious to collect evidence.
This incident makes you loose faith in the honesty and decency of ones’ fellow humans and makes you question the competence of our local police and their ability to provide locals with the protection they as supposed to.

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