By stuartjross

River Coupall

At odds with expectation, we didn't get  that cold and wet today.

There were some odd technical conflicts to deal with and people who should be in frequent dialogue with one another virtually passing one another on the hill but too short of time to have that simple discussion.

I can see both points of view but they need to fix it thenselves and that is what I have said to them individually. We have email, mobile phones, various messaging services, envelopes and stamps. How hard can be to communicate in 2020?
When I said that out loud it came with a swear word separating the two "20s".

I stopped "briefly at the falls on the Coupall. There was a small bus along the road which I thought was a work vehicle for powerpole work that is going on. When I got over the bank I was frustrated to see about twenty folk milling about with tripods, big SLRs and ridiculous looking filter systems. (I can say they look ridiculous on the basis I don't have such a conraption).  Some of the photohraphers were slipping and falling over in the mud and there was almost an informal queue to take photos in turn.

I explained to a lady using a camera identical to mine that (unlike most of the Canon* and Nikon* minnions surrounding her) she could dial a range of shutter speed beyond 30 seconds and up to 15 minutes without recourse to a remote control.

*They are of course also very good cameras despite the restriction 

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