By dogwithnobrain

I'm Too Sexy for this Shirt

It's been at least a week, since I graced you all with Boy. 

This photo is courtesy of a chappie from a Bag company (Yonder bags), the makers of the bag slung ever so casually over his shoulder.

Boy and Jessie have been doing some publicity shots for them.  I believe this makes them "influencers".

I'm waiting for them to be influencers in bedroom furniture, home renovations, and perhaps green houses.  Wellyboots, arm chairs, teddy bear jackets. Silver jewellry, handbags, skechers. 

I think that is all.  

I don't ask for much. 

They are leaving Kuala Lumpar today (I think that is a month they have been there) and tomorrow - well today, they will be in Singapore.   What a life eh?   

Tooli is settling back into boarding school life...  Weekend for her tomorrow - cause she works Saturday and Sunday taking them out nice places.  Bristol last week for the pictures and shopping.

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