Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I've just had one of these days when, after a lethargic start, I was overtaken by energy and actually got stuff done. For a start, it didn't really rain, and not till later than forecast, so we went for a walk away from the wind, in Benmore Gardens. A few minor fallen branches, but not much visible damage from the storm, and more chaffinches than I've seen in ages at the point where we usually watch the red squirrels. 

After that I had a crazy hour in which I discussed possible rentals for a return visit to Lewis and then, on the recommendation of my friend on the island, booked the inside of a week in June in Lews Castle, which is dearer than your average self-catering but looks rather splendid. And we have plans, involving poetry and plainsong ... Meanwhile - and this is the curse of the mobile phone - I was making lentil soup and cooking our meal for today (not the same thing at all.) Happily, it all seems to have worked out fine ...

And then there was choir, singing a Beatles song - Blackbird... I didn't know it, cos I'm just too old to have been a fan; I was on to Palestrina by the time the Beatles were big. I thought we'd be awful at it, but in fact it sounded just great, and convincing too. Himself is happy, and so am I. I'm blipping what we saw when we came out of the hall to walk along the road home: the moon rising above the Burgh Hall, with Argyll Street shops with some lighted windows. The wind is getting up again, and it's bitterly cold out there, but I'm as high as a kite.

I need to sit and watch some restful nonsense ...

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