JVM my life

By JulieVMac

The Confluence in Manaus

- the bustling first port, the heat, getting into the small boat - so low to the river it felt you were almost one with the water - an organised chaos that somehow works - the exhilaration of experiencing something completely different, meeting the confluence of the waters, branching out from the negro and crossing the mighty Solimoes, but somehow they maintain respectful distances until 6 km downstream they finally unite, the black and the brown - even the little grey dolphins came out to play for us in the negro
- the next port, much smaller, fish for sale by the side of the road - a van is there to take us onwards along with fruit and vegetables - move to the back of the van, peel back the black curtains to observe the unfolding landscape - dusty roads, broken, a weaving van, egret lake, water buffalo immersed in the cooling waters, termite nests galore and three lazy sloths in a tree top arrive at the next stop, reversing backwards down a muddy lane dusted with a fine mist of rain
- a family converse immersed in the cooling waters of the lake, a small boat is waiting to take us onwards - fast through sheltered inlets boarded by rain forest, out into expanse bodies of water, the Juma river system - isolated wooden shacks home to indigenous communities - and then on to Juma lodge

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