1000 not out!

I find it hard to believe that it's a 1001 days since I posted by first blip I was making the most of my new iPhone to record my family's day to day activities and the lovely places we see. It's taken a 1001 days to get my 1000th blip as the day I moved house I was too busy driving a lorry to take a photo! Most of my shots are still taken on the iPhone but I also use my iPad and even occasionally a real camera in the form of a Fuji Finepix.

Back in April when I made it to 730 I celebrated with a blogpost about some of my favourite shots. Since then I have had a few more that I really am proud of such as Ball Girl, Olympic Panorama and Golden Moment.

I love this community and miss being a member and able to give you the favourites you deserve! Hope I can keep it up for another 1000...

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