'n Kiekie 'n Dag

By Sanri

Magic Lids

One will have to see how magic they are.

Yesterday C arranged to work from home if the bridge is closed in the morning due to strong winds. We thought it would be more efficient to work at home than to sit in the ensuing traffic chaos for up to two hours. As we do agile working, I just told my lot. 

The bridge was open in the morning and we went to work as normal. At about 15:00 it was decided that the bridge will close at 17:00 and open again at 03:00. Logic would have thought that C would have been allowed to go home early to miss the traffic chaos and work from home for the two hours. But no, it was not allowed. The mind boggles

Traffic was OK going out of town, but even when we left at 17:00 traffic into town was standing all the way up the ski slope. Then they want to built more houses and industrial units on the Peninsula, without upgrading the roads. Money talks

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