Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At home: Snow horses...

The Inuits are supposed to have over 280 words for snow. I can say that after only a day in knee deep white powder that I have probably used quite a few words for it too! The horses are all heavy native types who seem to enjoy kicking the cold dust around.

The horses coming over is wholly based on survival. I am literally their leader at the minute. I am the one who provides their source of food when there is no other on the ground. You could be deceived that actually you are their best mate right now, but really its all about herd instincts here. I, like any nominated leader is the one that leads the herd to food. The same goes that if you fail to provide water and food when times are like this, they will reject you as leader. You cannot force a horse to respect you. You have to earn it, by not failing them when times are tough. They remember this, and will go on to have respect for you after you behave like a leader.

It was a hard decision to choose which to blip, I have another snow horses happily tucking into their haylage, and some snowy landscapes that Ill put on my flicker account later on tonight. x

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