The Sun Poured Down Like Honey

Oddly enough, the weather was dry today and the sun shone. Time for a winter walk around Dishley Pool. Nice that Len came with Basil and me Frustrated that a barrier lies across the car park entrance from which there is a path to the pool. Some disconnected thinking there.

The goat willow is well in bud, I would say pussy willow but that leads search engines to give inappropriate results to some searchers. Near the end of the walk, the sinking sun shone through a tangle of briars and branches as pictured. Reminded me of the Joni Mitchell song, Chelsea Morning. Coda: I was wrong about this. The quote comes from Leonard Cohen's song Suzanne.  Many thanks to Jamjar for pointing this out.

Dwelling on my lack of success in competition last night, I think I have to agree with my friend Margaret that the abandonment of competition can be wonderfully liberating. After all, even last night's judge pointed out several photos that were technically very good but would have belonged much better in a book,  exhibition, panel, or as a record shot.

Trying to make every photo a competition entry hampers creativity and photographing for oneself.

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