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By kendallishere

Donna Hayes

Donna has written a play called Silent Voices, giving voice to some of the people who have been killed by Portland Police, including her grandson. A series of monologs brings the deceased people back to life as the brilliant, irreverent, often hilarious young people they were before anyone imagined how their lives would end. A Greek chorus interrupts the monologues with actual comments published in local newspapers.

One of my goals for this year is to direct a staged reading of Donna's play in the hopes that local theatre production companies will come have a look and consider taking the play into production. I met Donna today at the monthly protest organized by the Pacific Northwest Family Circle, the group of people whose relatives have been killed by police, to discuss with her some questions about the reading. She gave me her full go-ahead. Next step: find a venue for auditions and rehearsals.

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