The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Keeping cosy

By the wood burning stove. I had fun taking lots of interesting pictures of the flames, experimenting with manual setting etc. During the 30s exposure shots, the camera got a little bit warm from sitting on its tripod on the hearth. It was only a very little, but it made me wonder, is it bad for the camera to be exposed to heat?

We almost froze walking from the station to the college today; the wind was at an inescapable angle. But we got there in time to thaw out before the maths exam started. We had a little look in The Works on our way back. 'Tourist tat' my mum calls it. Shortbread and tartan souvenirs. Some quite nice art supplies were found nearer the back of the shop, but nothing we actually needed. Although, that's not to say there was nothing either of us wanted. But art supplies do not make an artist.

More physics revision this afternoon, and trying to keep warm. Momentum is equal to mass multiplied by velocity. Force is equal to change in momentum divided by.... um.... time taken?

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