Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Gus always does a good lean up against those people he likes most (as Knottman2 knows), and here he is with his most favourite person. The light was bad again, and this isn't entirely sharp, but that's how it goes with outdoor blipping on miserable days. Gus's coat is looking good, and his ruff is more peachy than ever.

As for me, I've been very tired still today, this week has taught me a lesson or two about continuing to build my strength gradually. Anyway, enough of that, thank you for all the hearts, stars and supportive comments on the coot backside yesterday.  I may not do a lot of commenting tonight, there is still a Gus walk to do, and some bread to be baked for tomorrow, but I shall catch up later or over the weekend.  The big excitement is Potato Day on Sunday.

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