David J. Rose

By djrose007

Aussie Visitors

I expect people driving by think I'm flying the Australian flag in sympathy because of the bush fires. While I do sympathise and think it's dreadful what has happened over the past few months it's actually to welcome my Sister in Law, Brother in Law and his Mother, who are visiting the UK for a couple of weeks.
Next weekend it will my Sister in Law's 60th birthday on the 25th and the twins, Isabella and Harriet, 1st birthday on the 26th. It's going to be quite a weekend with lots of people around. 
On the 26th it will be quite a large affair but being held in the local community centre.
By the way, Lesley, my Brother in Law's mother, said this evening that Eastern Australia has been having some quite heavy rain, and even flooding, recently which has put out a lot of the fires. Some good news at last for them.

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