Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Spotting history

I was born and brought up in Glasgow, and lived there till I was 28. The Argyll Arcade, taking in the corner between Buchanan Street and Argyll Street, was always a refuge from wind, rain or puddles; my father bought my 21st birthday present of a decent watch there, taking me with him to choose, and I helped my daughter-in-law choose a diamond necklace there, though most of the help involved entertaining my infant granddaughter while she shopped. But I have never, in all the times I've walked through the arcade, between the windows gleaming with jewellery, seen this notice. Over 100 years old, just sitting there as it was then. I love it. 

I rather loved my city today, actually - I'm adding an extra of one of the towering and surprisingly ornate buildings in Hope Street. These amazing stone fronts nowadays top very ordinary shop fronts at street level, but as John Betjeman, who described Glasgow as "the greatest Victorian city in Europe" said, you have to look upwards to appreciate it. Mind, we didn't really manage to buy any of the things we had hoped to - the remnant of the January Sales means shops haven't really restocked yet. 

And we managed to get home in the daylight, arriving in Dunoon to the last of the blue sky and some amazing pink clouds over the river. The days are lengthening ...

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