Full on

Another busy day - you were getting this shot or a picture of the pizza I made for my tea. I haven't been anywhere in the car, I simply moved the old one round to the back and moved this one up, my neighbour has been away all week but he'll be back soon so I've cleared the space in front of his house.

It's the first time I've been in this car in the dark so I was flummoxed for a while while I searched for the light switch, who thought of hiding that one one of the many stalks? The dashboard lights up like the front at Blackpool but I'll find a way to tone it all down. All being well I'll go for a stretch tomorrow and start to get familiar with where everything is.

By the way, the sharp-eyed will note that I've not had my Friday curry for a while. The takeaway had a hygiene inspection and didn't do very well, not very well at all. I'm not punishing them but I am making sure that they've had chance to correct the problems.

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