Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Farewells and more rain

There was such heavy rain this morning that Captain Pugwash on the ferry had to slow down and sound his warning horn.  When I got off there was a hoolie blowing and the rain was horizontal and umbrellas were flying everywhere much to the amusement of construction workers standing in doorways watching all the action.  I suppose they had been told to stand down while the rain was happening.  It is wonderful that Sydney and other parts have had good rain.  I am back in Newie and alas it hasn't had the same amount but it was raining at 4 am and continuing a steady gentle fall until at least 7am.  While it has stopped now, more is forecast this afternoon.

And to the blip, this is my colleague Bec.   She is modelling her very stylish umbrella on our way back from a long farewell lunch for her as it was her last day at work today.  She is having some time off and then heading to the UK with no fixed plan of when she might return.  She was great fun to work with and I will miss her.  She has a wise head on her young shoulders.

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