Schooled! Still Life with CG and Swedish Fish

One of the absolute best things about being an adult is that you can go online onto the Internet and order CANDY at any hour of the day or night, and nobody can stop you!  :-)

Last week, I picked up a box of Swedish fish at Walmart for a dollar. We ate them that night and they were among the best and freshest Swedish fish we had ever had.

So that night before bed, we went online and ordered bags of several sizes of Swedish fish. A big bag of fish arrived on Wednesday. The rest arrived on Thursday. And you know I couldn't resist the photo op that followed!

So here is my artistic construction that I am thinking of as Still Life with Crittergators and Swedish fish. The fish were a bit aggressive, we thought, but we managed to corral them for this photo shoot!

Here's the soundtrack song for a school of colorful fish, in not just one but TWO sizes: the Beach Boys, with Be True to Your School.  :-)

P.S. Swedish fish lovers wonder what happened to the GRAPE ones, which were always the best! WHERE DID THEY GO?? Why no more grape? Huh? Why!!!!????

P.P.S. Do you see the looks on the CGs' faces? I can just hear them saying: "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"  ;-)

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