Lady Luck Festival

Have been in Sydney for a couple of days. Not thrilled that one of them was 46.5'.
I had to take the car out to a distant suburb and when I got out of it I thought I'd pass out.

Came back this morning and stopped off at Katoomba where the annual 50s fair was on.

Now I've got to say that I can remember the fifties (sadly) and they weren't like this.
No piercings and no tattoos, unless they were on a sailor.
Lots of rope petticoats, sure, but where are the pedal pushers and scarves. I don't mean the cheeky ones worn round the neck a la Audrey, but the large ones which covered the head, like the queen wears.

Still, it's a bit of fun.

Running late for dinner, so my rant will have to stop.

Have put up a flickr set.

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