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Hello to the Blipfoto Shop

Hi all. 

We’re really excited to announce today the opening of the Blipfoto merchandise shop. This was something the community has asked for. We worked behind the scenes to identify a suitable supplier that can supply worldwide and to pick some products with reasonably universal appeal. If this proves popular, the range can be expanded. 

Perhaps most importantly, all profits from these product sales will be wholly reinvested to maintain and enhance Blipfoto. If you have a discount applicable from the community buyout crowdfunding, you’ll get a code generated on the shop page which you can use for any purchases.

For the launch, there will be T-shirts available in black, white or grey with the tagline ‘Blippers do it once a day’. Longer-term blippers will remember that this tagline has featured on merchandise in the past. It was originally the suggestion of Blipper ‘astudyinscarlet’, back in 2011. It is of course very much still the essence of Blipfoto today. When it’s warm enough, why not make yourself more visible when you're out looking for your Blip, or simply prompt people to ask the question, “What is a Blipper?”. 

There is also a white mug which uses the same tagline with a Blipfoto logo underneath.

You can see the products in our dedicated store. All of them have been road tested by the Blip team and we are happy that they’re good enough quality for the Blipfoto brand. Our supplier has bases in the USA and Europe but will deliver worldwide. We’ve chosen a supplier who handles everything from receiving the orders, to packaging and distribution. They’ll also be the ones to handle any problems you might have, in the unlikely event of that happening.  

We know that one thing that’s missing from the shop still is 365 printed books. We are still working behind the scenes to find a way that we could make this happen. Our main criteria for this piece of work is that it’s cost-effective and delivers value for the community, and any supplier partnership must be able to handle all logistics for us. We continue to explore options for this.

Time to go shopping…

Nb. Don't worry about the message on the product page saying 'available until......'.  The supplier prints items in batches and collect orders over a few days.  Once the current deadline passes a new order period commences.

We've added a new FAQ section with answers to common questions.

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