Triple Bill

Rich and I did a cinema double today; sadly Sonic isn't out yet but this is the only picture I took today in a fit of excitement for what I'm calling Sonictine's Day, so you're stuck with it! What we actually did see were Jojo Rabbit and 1917. Some incredibly mildly spoilery thoughts below. When we got home, Beetlejuice was on and I'm never going to switch that off, so it was a very filmtastic day for us. I also got cracking on a new top secret cross stitch project, huzzah!

Interestingly, I thought I'd adore Jojo Rabbit and appreciate but not really enjoy 1917, because I'm not a huge fan of war movies but I do love Taika Waititi, however the opposite was true! I found Jojo Rabbit to be a little flat; it wasn't funny enough to be an out and out comedy, but wasn't dramatic enough to be a hard hitting war movie. There was a scene I won't spoil that was clearly there for an emotional gut punch and I didn't really feel anything at all. Conversely, I cried 3 times at 1917. As well as being an amazing technical feat, everything in this film is on point. The leads are amazing, the effects are fantastic the story is brilliant, there's a particular scene where the lighting is just *chefs kiss*, and the score is just perfect. Definitely get to a cinema and see this quicksmart.

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