By TheOttawacker

I know, I know...

I get stupidly involved in football matches - and have done all my life. Ever since my own failure at making the top grade, which admittedly I only accepted last year at the age of 52, it seems to have gone to a different level.

Now, with Ottawacker Jr. involved too, it feels as if I am responsible for every result, every match, every goal.

Still, this season has been pretty special so far. The Mighty Reds are top of the Premier League with 21 wins and one draw from 22 matches. We're current Champions of Europe and current Champions of the World. 

Yet, today, we were poor. In fact, so poor, we only beat Manchester United 2-0, and could honestly not have won at all. Too many players having an off day at the same time. 

Still, we pulled it out of the fire in the end, and I can stop holding my breath.

A beautiful day, however, outside. The big snow storm of yesterday came and dumped 25 cm, and has been replaced with clear skies, crisp air, and sunshine. The very best of winter weather.

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