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[19/365] G-DAMB - There's a story...

Ok, so not one of the better photos of the day (the additional photo I've added of the sunset is better)... but this one has a story!

I was out walking Brodie this morning, when I heard a very loud plane flying over. It sounded like a spitfire or something similar, so I had to look it up (I used FlightRadar to find out what the aircraft was).

Turns out, it was a plane with the registration G-DAMB. It looked like a bright red kit plane, with the name "Damb", I was intrigued, so decided to 'google it'.

I found a website for the plane... HERE.

There is a history of the aircraft, which you can read on the website, but here is a quote:

"Simon Foxlee is the son of Flt Lt Toby Foxlee, a member of the 617 sqd "DambBuster Squadron", and was the front gunner in P for Popsy during the 1943 Raids over Germany. In dedication to his father, Simon has registered his Falco G-DAMB and it bears his father's name on the passenger's side of the aircraft so that he is always flying with him."

So yes, it wasn't my best photo of the day, but just because of the story alone, I thought it was worth sharing! :)

Ellie was at her friends Birthday party today, and had a blast! On the way home, the sunset was amazing so I pulled over at the side of the road and snapped what you see in the "extra photos" section.

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