Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A baptism, a walk and THAT sunset...

Today went a long way to improving the mood I kept sliding into yesterday. Unusually for us, the church was packed this morning for a baptism; you always hope that someone from among the visitors might return, especially when the service was as lovely as ours was today. We seemed to hang around for an age chatting to people, but dragged ourselves out again after lunch to ensure a decent walk in the hazy sunshine. We headed south again, walking over the road between the fields of the Ardyne farms as far as Knockdow house, where once more the formal pond attracted me as the last light glowed on the hills and the slight skin of ice on the water failed to disrupt the reflections. That's the main photo of my blip, primarily because everyone and their auntie is sharing sunset photos tonight - I've put one of mine in as an extra!

There were other pleasing things today as well - a short video of my granddaughters practising their instruments (bassoon and trombone) in a duet; the photos that the trombone-playing one took of the pink sky, showing a real artistry in composition; the empathy and understanding of friends. And last but not least: the fact that I was still able to climb up onto my pew to have a decent view of the baptism this morning!

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