High up in the tree

Sunday 19th January 2020            (backblip)

Another lovely sunny day ....... a hard frost overnight ...... still some patches that never melted in places the sun didn't reach!

As it was so lovely ...... though very cold ..... we decided to go a little further afield for our walk this week.

We drove over to Mareham Pastures ...... had a lovely wander round ...... saw lots of little birds including, Goldfinch, Sparrows, Great Tit & Blue Tit ........ also saw this beautiful Thrush high in the tree :-)

He looked lovely with the late afternoon sun lighting up his speckled breast ....... hope you like it :-)

On the drive home we saw 3 Buzzards & a Barn Owl hunting :-)

Did have one slight problem ...... I was trying to take some photos of the Starlings gathering on the wires ...... but the camera kept coming up with the message "cannot read card"! Gulp! Not sure if it was because it was so cold (only about 2C) or because there was a problem with the card. I took this photo with the same card a short while later with no problem .... so I still don't know if it was the cold or a problem with the card!

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