David J. Rose

By djrose007

Cold feet Jonty?

Another lovely frosty day, had to spray the windscreen before I went out this morning to pick something up.
I do find that using a de-icer spray is not as good as just using a jug of cold water. When you try to clear the spray, which is now running down the windscreen, it smears and freezes which seem to defeat the object of it.
I used to use cold water and it works fine so I think using less chemicals has to be better for the environment anyway.

Talking of which, I've been watching a series called 'Mars'. Started watching because it's SciFi but in between the fictional bits that are about the preparation, journey and setting up on Mars, there  is a lot of documentary type footage and interviews about how space flight came about and how it progressed. Very educational for those that don't know the history of it.
And then there is Season 2, brilliant and in the same format it shows us the damage we have done to our fabulous Earth, and how we might start to do the same on Mars. 
No 'Spoilers' in case you would like to watch it but it has a monumental ending.

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