I went out to do some errands and to get away from computer screens; I've spent a big bit of the day grappling with the system that can run for months without much intervention and then has periods where it demands some TLC. 

The insurance company have written off my old car - much as I expected - so that's being picked up tomorrow, I've emptied it of the many coats, scarves, hats and CDs that filled most of the available space. Of course while the Peugeot has a CD player it doesn't have anywhere to sensibly keep CDs. The centre console has an armrest that lifts up but the space is just shy of the required depth. The glove compartment is filled by the fusebox so that means that it's just the door pockets - we'll see how that works out.

I've also had my daily scam phone call from "BT Technical support" which is nice. This one put up a bit of a fight when I suggested that he might be a scammer but he finally hung up when I told him that the call was being recorded by BT Technical support. Wherever the number is displayed I've added it to my BT Blacklist and also reported it to their scam list, I know that at least one call has been intercepted but this is big business in parts of Asia, there was an interesting programme about this on the wireless earlier today (You and Yours: How has computer crime affected you?)

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