Little Dots of Life in the Dark

I like this plant more and more. I planted it in my neighbours planter next to our front garden. It is a heath/heather, and evergreen with some height. I have 2 yellow ones in the back. They are very yellow. This is more subtle. I thought that it would give some height on our dividing border......not that we really need much privacy as they are so nice and we are always chatting over the garden border.

Today was a breakthrough as we got to see the medical centre  to sort out Mr AF's issues. We saw a nurse practitioner and she was very thorough.
A note here that if you go with a problem that is difficult to articulate take your partner with you as they know you best. I pride myself in grilling the medics very thoroughly. Mr AF calls me a pretend Doctor and when he goes to the surgery he says it to them there and they find it very funny......................mmmmmm.............not so funny when they face my problems. See when you get older and you get everything in the medical book you learn an awful lot........... 

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