By Tiebreaker

Birds in the backyard ...

It was a cold day ... at least it felt to me like a cold day. Did a lot inside the house with an eye on the backyard. I had prepared my binoculars and my camera for bird photography, the Olympus OM D E-M1X. That's a very fast focusing camera. A 40-150 mmf / 2.8 lens is my best lens for shooting through double glass without losing too much sharpness.

Yesterday, in addition to blackbirds and a single thrush, I also spotted a redwing in the almost bare (without berries) holly tree. But then my camera was still in the bag. Now I was well prepared and was sitting still and waiting patiently behind the double glazing of the back door. The reward was great ... out of the three photos that I was able to make in a hurry, one was tack sharp and well exposed. It's my blip for today ...;)

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