Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Sometimes the weather here makes me feel I'm living on a mountainside. Today was such a day: it never really rained, not big wet drops and splashes rain, but it was unrelentingly damp, as if we were walking through different levels of cloud. I couldn't bear another day without a proper walk, so after phone calls and coffee we headed south to where the sky seemed slightly lighter and walked from Toward school along the coast and out the Ardyne beach road, That's where I took the blip for today - if you look very hard you'll see the three white swans of the title, sitting on a mudbank, with the gaggle of seagulls beyond.

When I got in, I wrote the first blog post I've written since the summer, on the subject of the episcopal translation that was announced at the weekend. If you're at all interested in what was getting under my skin, you can read it here.

I'm just in from choir, very depleted by illness, work and a birthday but a great rehearsal with a new piece that we're going to love. Someone said to me recently that it wasn't all about the music - but they were so wrong!

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