One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

High visibility

Today I visited an industrial laundry.
As for the sandwich-making factory, I would have loved to be able to bring the kids with me on the tour.
There is something so incredibly soul-sapping about working on a chain gang.
There are no hours that feel longer than the hours spent performing a repetitive task. For the minimum wage.
I was lucky to work in dreadful conditions in a latex gloves factory for a very instructive summer job just before starting my first year in university. It was an eye opener and the best incentive ever to work hard and not take things for granted.
That said, later in life I spent 10 years in the Mistake Factory, admittedly for more than the minimum wage, but still in extremely shitty conditions.
That whole work thing... It is mostly overrated I guess.

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