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Sea shells

Today I was stuck indoors due to a few factors. Firtsly the weather was dull as ditch water and secondly I am suffering yet again from Plantar fasciitis....can I hear an aaahh? I had it a few years back so I know the situation takes a few months recovery to be pain free again. You might recognise it as "Policeman's heel". I am not at the stage of needing a Hydrocortisone injection just yet.

Anyway back to the serious topic of bliping....I was struggling with inspiration for my blip and could only come up with one idea. Some years back I visited "shell beach" on the Island of Herm whilst staying on Guernsey during a stay there with my local Natural History Society. I am not actually a member but they were in need of boosting numbers for a week's trip and as one of their members is an RSPB member in my local group she asked me...why not I thought. Little did I know it was going to be me with 2 other guys and a dozen members of the fairer sex. Well it turned out to be a blast.

I digress...when visitng shell beach one always takes a few home with them as a memento and these caught my eye this morning and hence my sea shell blip. 

Note!! we were all sensible and only collected a small amount of shells each.

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