By schorschi

Some Joy

In the village's Müller Street, they have been increasing the festive season the last few days. Not sure if it is due to the news the UK has finally decided to leave the EU after 4 years of making everyone's lives hell.

I doubt it as everyone knows that next Friday marks the start of the campaign. Perhaps they are simply finding a way to use excess PV electricity that was being produced today - a lovely sunny day and marks the beginning of the end of our one-week cold snap.

Since 15th December our PV system has not been showing or recording how much electricity it is producing. Otherwise the system seemed to be working fine. However, it was annoying not being able to keep an eye on things and judge best times to run washing machines etc.

Was pretty sure it was due to me messing about with computer network matters around that time, trying to install an old wifi security camera to a place on the edge of the property where only possible by setting up a separate wifi network beamed down the electricity lines. Really is time I gave up such things which I know nothing, or rather, I know just enough to get into trouble but not a clue how to get out of. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing as we "Remainers" know well.

I did contact our electrician between Christmas and New Year but he was very busy - rightly, as a father of a young family - but would try to take a look online and/or pop around.

To date nothing so yesterday I took matters into my own hands and contacted the manufacturers online help service. They responded quickly with pages of gobbledegook on how to programme the Router. I thanked them and did nothing. Yesterday with the fog no action on the roof, so I wasn't motivated to take up a challenge I knew I would anyway lose.

But today the sun was shining and I wanted to know if I could start sawing firewood with excess electricity. I had also overnight had thoughts which convinced me, the solution had to be very simple. Yes, you experts, I had tried the tested Windows solution. I have done lots of reboots including knocking out the main fuses, all without success

Phoned the service number and was greeted with tape saying the number was only for professional installers. Before I could hang up, someone answered the phone and said he would anyway try to help. Luckily all my data was recorded from yesterday's online service so I didn't have to explain too much or give all the serial number details. He saw the problem but couldn't pinpoint it. However, he did say: "double-check the communication (LAN) cables".

Tried removing the cover of the inverter where the problem probably was  but failed to even manage that. Behind the cover is the LAN socket. Totally frustrated, was packing up when I thought I would replace the one LAN cable which I could get hold of easily - very short one between the Router and a box which links up all the other bits of kit (TP-Link?).

Low and behold, the system was working again! Then put the old cable back on and still, the system worked!! Totally at a loss as to how that could have happened. The plugs had been securely in the sockets, even difficult to get out.

So for all that mental hassle for nearly 6 weeks, it was a 1-minute solution. Wish Brexit had been that simple.

2019 was an OK year. Not quite as good as 2018 mainly due to poor April & May 2019. Still very pleasing as the system is still delivering more electricity than that forecast in 2017 by the supplier which was also the basis for the funding (bank loan) that made the idea credible.

Angie will now use this Blip as proof that it is fine to leave the Christmas lights up at least until the Druids dance around Stonehenge on 21st June.

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