Monthly progress report

Welcome to Kuchendorf, an imaginery mountain village in the German speaking part of Switzerland.
This view is taken from the footpath up in the Alpine meadows. The three trains are the same as in the Christmas report. But some progress has been made in creating the village. A road now comes in to a space at the side of the station where the Post bus will turn round. Although I am having some difficulty in locating a Swiss yellow postbus of the right scale. As in Zermatt no cars will be sllowed in the village but rhere will be a car park where the road comes out of the gorge.
I now have some people but they have not appeared yet. Seats need to be made for the platforms.

The other addition is a signal box which I made last week. You can see it at the top centre of the blip. It is also in the extra. Not quite finished. Needs ridge tiles and I am sure my friend blipper Stuart DB will rightly tell me that it needs to be made to look as though it was made several years ago. So it needs moss on the roof and other touches to make it look real.

This is a great hobby for wet afternoons and listening to the Radio 3 programmes to celebrate the 250th. Anniversary of the birth of Beethoven.

Tomorrow Mrs. K is coming to the Kendal Model Railway Annual Show and there will probably be a blip of layouts done by people who know what they are doing.

But I am having fun in my second childhood.

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