By dogwithnobrain

Sociabilty, Is Hard Enough for me

We were at it again tonight.  

Himself was working all weekend, and I overdid it with the house work, cleaning and a bit of homework myself.  So dinner out it was. 

It was very pleasant, we were sat in a table I love - I can see the street outside, and we can watch what's going on around us.  I love People watching... have I mentioned that.? 

This was my Afogato.... Vanilla Joe's Ice Cream, A measure of Glayva and a shot of Tiki Coffee.   Hmm, the perfect finish to a meal. 

It was The Great Garden Bird Watch today.  As I was working earlier on - i was aware of flurry of activity outside the window, But I had already promised myself an hour, to sit and gaze, and count them, without distraction - so i ignored them. 

Once I had finished, i positioned myself with comfort, and sat with my pad, and sheet to identify the birds, and waited.  and waited.  and waited. 

At 56 minutes, the first sparrow flew into the garden, followed by 3 more, 2 blackbirds, a jackdaw, and 5 starlings and one wood pigeon.

And then they left again..

Do you think the same 13 birds were just taking turns, flying round people's gardens to give the impression of a lot of birds? 

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