I am very touched by the love and the kindness given to me from those that I may only see now and again,and those that I see everyday.
Those that know me will understand my pleasure in receiving these flowers sent with love because of the death of my one and only big sister Norma,I am still calling people close to me Norma she is always in my mind and in my keeping.
The flowers were delivered to me by my ex partner who lives next door to me. he said this box has been delivered to my address but I think they are meant for you. I took the box and said I did not know who would send me flowers, but they have my name on the address so they must be. I looked at him and saw torment in his face. maybe he thought they were from an admirer. I do not know. but I know he was shaking.and left my front door with good speed.
so I opened the box and inside were the flowers in bud they say so you can love them longer.I like that~~~~~~~~~~~ then there was another envelope saying they were from my son Adams mother and farther in law. they belong to the Salvation Army and I can say you can feel there love when ever they are near. then another envelope inside  a sachet on the front said Hello Sweet Pea. they have given me some sweet pea seeds to plant now so I can have flowers all though the summer. what a Fabulous idea and how wonderful then I read on.  
A booklet saying that they donate 10% of all orders to Charity's in the uk and abroad Development of farms.Providing fresh water.Supporting Education.Providing funds for new businesses.
on the bottom of the booklet it say's while not every project has flourished, we have learned lot's of lessons and seen thousands of lives improved along the way. they work with Partner Links International. based in Nottinghamshire.
I know a lot of people will say yes it is just a business.
But I would like to know there was someone who cared even if they never see your face.
extra is of my lovely old boy Blk Jac getting in on the picture love him bless his furry feet eh! wishing all Blippers a lovely evening.
I don't think if anyone saw my blip of my lovely Norma in my back blip on the 24th of Jan pushing her Pug Ellie in her wheelchair. smiling love this photo I must admit Ellie looks to be a bit fat !!!

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