today's another day

By dbrereton

Information Overload

Today wasn't the day I planned.

Before 8 o'clock, a customers server had the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH...BSOD ..see extra.

Except it was one of 5 that died due to a rogue update.

Thankfully, it turns out we as a company are good at what we do and blessed to have Kev as our technical director.

4 systems working by 10am.

The 5th needed a trip to Furness Vale, Derbyshire, and the trip home of 21 miles took 2.5 hours...see other extra.

To make amends a quickish 5km in the garage has cheered me up. Getting to like the treadmill, and listening to podcasts, or tonight Loose Ends.

Tomorrow? We ride at dawn...

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