An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

There's snow place like home!

When I went to bed last night the snow was piling down so I wasn't surprised to wake up to a mini winter-wonderland this morning.  I actually thought it would be thicker so was pleasantly surprised, and even happier when it began to thaw mid morning.  I suppose I shouldn't grumble since we've managed to get this far into the winter without a covering of snow.

Bathroom guys were here just after 9.30am as promised.  Yay.  Skirting boards now on, heated towel rail back up, and towel rail around wash hand basin refitted.  Almost there....

They will be back around 10am tomorrow to fit the shower cubicle....fanbloodytastic!  One minor set back...the door for it hasn't arrived yet!  Due to be delivered within in the next two days.   Please keep everything crossed!

Given the snow underfoot, I wasn't for stepping outside so decided to paint some peonies, only thistles came out instead!  I seem to be a tad obsessed with them at the moment.  Maybe this is my thistle phase...hahahahaha! 

A friend asked me today if I ever finished the photo book of our building work.  I am ashamed to say that that little project had fallen right off my radar and as time as passed, become less of a priority.  But earlier this evening I was looking at some photos of the house given to us by the previous owners and the idea has caught my imagination again, so here's hoping I complete it this time. 

PS Just remembered a happy story I heard on the local news this evening that made me laugh.  A woman was clearing out her deceased mothers house and accidentally threw out her life savings of £20k that was hidden in Bisto gravy tins.  The men at the local tip where the gravy tins ended up went above and beyond to help find the tins in all the rubbish and were successful.  The bit of the story that made me laugh was the interview with the council tip men involved where one of them said "we were delighted to help.  It gave me the good feel factor!"

Forever more the feel good factor will be known in this house as the good feel factor!  :-)))))))

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