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By photomuncher

Up to Town

Every second Wednesday, Jacqui and I share a day free of individual commitments. Today was one such and we decided to head into town.

We had three objectives: to pick up some fresh tea; find a spot for lunch and complete the circles on her new activity watch she got from Santa.  

I had no idea this blooming watch would turn out to be such a tyrant.  As the saying goes, there are now three of us in this marriage and I am even further down the pecking order than I was.

I did however, have an ulterior motive (no change there, I hear someone say) and hoped to find a blip en route.  As it happened it came on our first stop.

The MacBeans Coffee and Tea Emporium is celebrating its twenty-fifth year.  I have been a customer for only the last two. My addiction to tea is recent, but already deep-rooted. Breakfast Blend, Earl Gray and Nepalese Black and Green are the teas of choice.

Jacqui did the shopping honours while I lurked and snapped what turned out to be my first black and white photo in forty years. Such is the power of blip!

Then it was off for a bite of something Italian and, the watch circles being complete, a wee stroll to the nearest bus stop for the journey home.



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