Massage Beetle

I spent most of the day on DIY. When we moved into the house they left behind some cheap bedroom furniture that dominated the master bedroom. We re-distributed it so it doesn't loom over you anymore. One of the wardrobe unit didn't have a door we we converted it to simple shelving only to realise that it wasn't designed for the loading so it bowed in the middle and the shelves fell out! I braced it across the rear and then bolted it to a side unit to stiffen it. In the process I had to take everything out and put it all back once it was done.

This little ladybird themed massage thing lives on one of the shelves. My better half once gave a talk on ladybirds to a the local biodiversity society. For some reason her sister and some friends kept buying her ladybird themed things - something she isn't particularly interested in - and this is one of the many items that now festoon the house.

It's progress but it's not 100%, even after bracing the wardrobe carcass isn't going to take that much weight as it's not designed or built for it. At least this little lady bird isn't going to break it..!

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