By CrowingHen


Feelin bad about this one.  Another late night photo and no chicken.  But it's a few seconds playing with focus, shadow and reflections.

Henny Penny hopped up onto my desk at lunchtime for her shot, then there was some drama with a rather sweet homeless kid.  I assured them there wasn't any need to call the police as he was already moving along on his own and was very polite about it.

It got me thinking about or fragile world view.  A few minor changes, and it could easily be any of us nestled in a strangers doorway to escape the rain.  When I got home, I dug some change out of the couch cushions to give him if I see him again today.  It's not the change he needs, but it can buy him an hours rest somewhere warm and dry while he drinks his Tim Hortons coffee.

Henny Penny spent the night at work.  I hope she's okay.

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