By dogwithnobrain

But the light of joy I know...

at the top of the road they are installing new traffic lights. 

oh good god. what a disaster  -  they have put a massive island in where there used to be two lanes.  I noticed tonight there are still two lanes - but where there was a reasonable sized single lane, - it is now tight.  So tight, I think the lorries which have been having trouble with the new roundabout might not manage it. 

I look forward to the removal of these, in about 8 months, and the reinstatement of a roundabout. 

Did I mention that it took  18 months for the council to build the new public toilets  - they got them up in six months, but then realised that they hadn't connected the water supply or electricity. 

Yes, the council, with a professional planning board.    Toilets, with no water.    Excellent.  

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