By wrperry

Vieques Horses

The island of Vieques is filled with life.  Humans, yes, but the wandering horses, chickens, geckos, dogs and cats are everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  Dogs sun in the middle of the roads, geckos cling to the house walls, and horses - well they go where ever they want  They're not wild horses.  They have owners.  They are simply allowed to wander where the spirit (or a food source) moves them, even into swimming pools.

Right now I am sitting on my friend's porch, sipping a Rum Punch, and soaking in the pink sunset.
Thank you for stopping by.  I'm sorry I haven't had much time this week to visit your journals.  I'm heading home at the end of the week, and with the cold weather that will greet me, I will have time on the couch to catch up.

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