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By Gunnlaug

Lumbarisation? Bertolotti's Syndrome?

I went to see the doctor this morning because of my hip, lower back and leg condition, which has been ongoing for more than 3 years (almost 4).
My excellent family doctor examined me thoroughly, stretching my leg this way and that way and turning my hip in every possible direction.  He also checked X-rays from 2016 to make sure everything was normal.  Just double-checking, as another doctor at the hospital had told me at the time everything looked fine.  But lo and behold, my doctor spotted something that could possibly be the reason for my problem.
Nobody had noticed this lumbarisation which apparently means I have an 'extra' lumbar vertebrae in my spine and the first sacral segment is - at least partially - mobile instead of being part of the fused mass of the sacrum.  This can be a cause of all those symptoms and since it is often not diagnosed, people have a hard time getting the right treatment and finding a good solution for the pain.
Now I'm scheduled for new X-rays next week, regular visits to a physiotherapist and an injection of steroids to make treatment and mobility less painful. 
There is always something extra to deal with.... *sigh* 

Lumbarisation & Sacralisation
Bertolotti's Syndrome

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